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Day 2. A new friendship continues to grow and strength, and for this I am grateful. Today I have not been angry at anyone or anything.

A year later, and Day 1

 A year later, and I remembered that this journal existed. It's funny how the importance of things grow and wane across time. We aren't very consistent creatures, I feel. Me especially; I can hardly keep one idea in my head, watch one film through, read one book at a time. I don't live very quickly--I think slowly, I dawdle, I am late to things and smile my way through. I don't want to live quickly. I want to savour life.

Anyway, I'm going to do a thinkpositive30 deal here. It will force me back into the habit of livejournal--I still read, but I lost interest in writing--as well as perhaps straighten out my life at the moment. Nothing is especially serious--all these dramas and stresses seem so serious at the time, though I know in a month or two, or even a few days, everything changes and they'll seem so insignificant. Hopefully, focusing on the positive parts of the day will help that process of detaching from the drama. I don't think I have especially pessimistic thoughts, but I know I could be happier. They said it takes 21 days to change a habit. I should think that I could probably manage 21 days.

Today is day 1, a Monday. During rehearsal the window was open and the sun was shining through and there was a breeze and it was beautiful and tentative, a sweet Scottish spring. It's midnight now and I made Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, sitting in bed and I will go to sleep without regrets.
Dined on chocolate cake and popcorn for dinner last night. This might be why my parents wouldn't allow me to choose self-catered accommodation in university...
Ugh. Haven't we all had these moments, when you KNOW that there is a fic, a brilliant fic, that you MUST re-read, but you cannot remember URL or author or even title? I've been hankering after this one particular fic all day and I have absolutely no clue how to go about finding it again.

It's Harry/Draco, AU, multi-chaptered. The summary: the boys are fighting as usual, they get put in detention together, they see this circle of light in the back of the room, step into it, and step out into an alternate reality where they are the only people on the world.

Ring any bells? Please?

Mar. 15th, 2010

I haven't been posting entries for so long, it feels a little like I've forgotten how. It's either that or my life is too boring to write about.

I finally got my wisdom teeth taken out, on Friday. I only had two, and it seemed for a moment like it wouldn't be too bad--I even went out on Friday night! And Saturday was decent... but yesterday, I really felt like I was going to pass out. So far today seems a bit better; I'm less swollen and that crazy migraine from the antibiotics is gone, but I'm not optimistic. I'm so mad, I thought that I would be healed by now!

On the bright side, I finally got around to punching out another fic. Now that I'm forced to spend my days in bed, I'm finding a bit more time to do things like write.

Gratitudes - Day 7

1. Bought John Hart and McCoy action figures!!
2. New jeans and a new dress.
3. Saw The Woman in Black in London--scary!
4. Dancing with my friend... in a bus... to Britney Spears
5. Only a few days left until summer!

Jul. 27th, 2009

My gratitudes are getting so boring, I wish I could be grateful for being creative occasionally.

I am grateful I am going home in less than a week. Friday, everyone. Friday I will FINALLY be free of this torture device you call "academics". And I will have a proper summer. This is what proper summers include:
  • a swimming pool
  • days where you don't wake up until the afternoon, and no one cares!
  • bonfires
  • mosquito repellent and when that doesn't work, mosquito-be-gone voodoo rituals
  • frequent patronage of the cinema
  • many, many novels which you didn't have time to read during the year
  • camping!
  • family
I make myself sick thinking about it. Friday. Friday. That's only four days away. Between Summer and I stands two essays, however. They are very formidable, and they are armed, and they are determined not to let me pass with a good grade.

Oh dear. I fear I am going to write wank just so I can use my sexy "uncalled-for bitching" tag. That's never a good reason for wank.

Gratitudes - Day 6

1. Afternoon tea with scones, cream and strawberries
2. Was able to sort of sleep-in for once
3. Watched old Bleach episodes... wow, brought back all sorts of memories. Beware Bleach fanfic... might be on the way.
4. Memorized all/most my lines for the Brothers Grimm play
5. Went ice-stating

Gratitudes - Day 5

1. Waiting for Godot with Ian McKellen (Dumbledore, Gandalf) and Patrick Stewart (Picard). Was. BRILLIANT.
2. Did not get (very) lost in London (though I could not for the life of me find the Dr Who store)
3. Ate very enjoyable falafel wrap from Nero's Cafe or Coffee or whatever it is
5. I was supposed to have a "restricted view seat" but I could see the entire stage just fine.


Updated two HP drabbles from my Dreamwidth account.